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$ 400 M+
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Projected to be over $1 Billion ad spend in 2021.

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April 2020 is officially here, and what a strange year 2020 has been so far? Around one-third of the world’s population is currently under some form of lockdown, an unprecedented statistic in our day and age. With no one really knowing “what happens next”, we are forced to make sense of our new normal and …
Being forced to stay at home during quarantine or lockdown can be frustrating, scary, and down-right annoying at times, but it definitely does have some silver linings! For one, it’s a really great time to start a podcast! Podcasts are so versatile! They are a great outlet for your personal thoughts, hobbies, or niche interests, …
A strong mind and a healthy body are essential to good overall health, and this is even more essential during times of prolonged quarantine and lockdown. We may find ourselves consistently tempted to snack out of boredom or the change in routine, we may be unmotivated to exercise as we may not be able to …
By now, it’s clear that working from home is a new reality for many around the world. And while some have made this adjustment fairly easily, it can be a big, rather difficult change for others. To help you ease into your new routine, we’ve put together our top strategies that we use ourselves in …
By now, there’s a good chance that your city or even your country has taken measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus such as closing schools, restricting travel, canceling social gatherings, and recommending working from home as much as possible. But with unprecedented limits on the ways we can fill our time, people are …
We’re barely at the end of March 2020, and the world is going crazy! The coronavirus is causing outright panic, and one after another, countries are declaring a state of emergency. As the spread continues, the number of cities and whole countries going into lockdown is set to rise. Schools are closed, workplaces are empty, …

So Money Podcast

"I am so grateful to work with We Edit Podcasts. They’ve edited almost 1,000 episodes of So Money, since launching in 2015. Listeners always ask how my show has such great sound quality - given that I record from home with a basic microphone. My secret - this brilliant editing team!"

Farnoosh Torabi, host of the So Money Podcast


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