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21 of the Top Podcast Hosting Companies

Finding a host for your podcast isn’t always easy. There are many different hosting sites who tailor to various user’s needs. Some are optimal for podcasts with larger audiences, others for podcasts with budgetary restrictions, and others for those who require a more simplistic approach. When considering a hosting site, take a second to think about not only your immediate specific needs but also your needs for the long term.


Buzzsprout is known for its fantastic customer support. Buzzsprout makes it easy for podcasters at every level to upload, share and track a show, without any technical training. It’s very easy to switch over to Buzzsprout if you are with a different hosting company. All you need to do is enter your existing feeds URL, and they’ll import your episodes for you. Upload monthly between 2 hours under their free plan, and 12 hours under all of their paid plans.
Pricing: $0 to $24 per month.
Check out BuzzSprout: https://www.buzzsprout.com/


Libsyn is one of the first podcast hosting sites (est 2004.) It is most known for its simplistic interface, easy RSS link generation and customizable information for iTunes. Libsyn pioneered the system to host and publish podcasts and since then has grown to the largest leading podcast network with over 2.6 billion downloads in 2014. Libsyn hosts over 25,000 shows with 44 million monthly audience members. They provide everything your podcast needs, including publishing tools, media hosting and delivery, RSS for iTunes, a website, statistics, advertising programs, premium content, including Apps for Apple, Android & Windows devices. Monthly storage ranges between 50MB and 1500MB.
Pricing: $5 to $75 per month
Check out Libysn: https://www.libsyn.com/


PodBean is built for both podcast publishers and audiences, with the ability to browse and explore other hosted podcasts. They are a podcast solution for enterprise, large organizations, and radio stations. Their user-friendly interface allows you to upload, publish, manage and promote your podcasts with just a few clicks of your mouse. PodBean also offers Crowdfunding options for those looking to make some recurring revenue from listeners. Monthly storage ranges between 100MB and Unlimited with the option to host video as well.
Pricing: $3 to $79 per month
Check out PodBean: https://www.podbean.com/


If you’re on WordPress, this will be a favorite, due to its simplistic WP integration. Blubrry offers integrated statistics, which can tell you your listeners’ platforms, podcast clients, geography, referrers, and domains. This is great for getting you hooked up with advertisers. With Blubrry’s huge client base and the notoriety of some of its clients, you can expect a very reliable and established service. Monthly storage starts at 100MB, and increases to an unlimited capacity.
Pricing: $12 to $80+ per month.
Check out Blubrry: https://www.blubrry.com/


Soundcloud introduced their podcast feature about a year ago. You can now generate an RSS feed for your podcast whereas before, Soundcloud was strictly an audio file host. The reach that Soundcloud has is pretty big as many musicians were already using the service before it added its podcast feature. Embed tools are offered that makes it easy to share your show on social media, blogs or other websites. Upload from 3 hours to unlimited per month.
Pricing: $0 to $16 per month
Check out SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/


Podomatic makes it easy for anybody to be a podcaster. Just record your audio straight to the web and Podomatic will produce a feed that you can then use to subscribe your show to iTunes, etc. The huge community of podcasts hosted on PodOmatic make for a great platform if you’re looking to connect with other podcasters and grow your listenership. Storage ranges from 500MB under the free account to Unlimited with the broadcaster account.
Pricing: $0 to $60+ per month.
Check out PodOmatic: https://www.podomatic.com/


With its appealing design and easy to use interface, Spreaker is one of the ‘friendlier’ podcasting sites to use. Most podcast consumption is done via the mobile device. Spreaker offers several apps that makes this extremely convenient for not only the consumer but the host as well. Audio storage ranges from 10 hours to unlimited.
Pricing: $0 to $119.99 per month
Check out Spreaker: https://www.spreaker.com/


A dominant force since its creation in 2006, BlogTalkRadio is the leader in live broadcasting because if its call-in feature. When it comes to monetization, you have the option of joining its RevEngine revenue sharing program, which shares 35% of the ad revenue from the advertising impressions generated by your listeners. If you’re new to the game, you can utilize the BlogTalkRadio Learning center, designed to break down the podcast startup process. Basic storage starts from 30 hours a month. The large plan allows for an unlimited amount of storage each month.
Pricing: $0 to $249 per month
Check out BlogTalkRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/


Castos provides easy podcast hosting, especially if you are a WordPress user. With their Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin, publishing your podcast content has never been easier. They have also made moving from another podcasting hosting provider as easy as a click of a button. On top of that, they also provide world-class analytics allowing you to see who is listening, and where. They give you location, device type, and even playback duration for each episode. All their accounts come with unlimited storage, unlimited episodes, and a 14-day free trial to start.
Pricing: $15 per month
Check out Castos: https://castos.com/


The Fireside team are are podcasters themselves, so they know how important accurate, real-time download stats and analytics are. Their stats engine and analytics reporting is at the very core of their product, making sure every unique download is tracked and counted accurately. With Fireside you can import a podcast no matter where it’s hosted, every podcast gets a gorgeous, responsive website and blog with your own domain name. They have one simple plan designed to support unlimited storage, data, and episode with a 7-day free trial to start.
Pricing: $19 per month.
Check out Fireside: https://fireside.fm/


ZenCast provides fast and unlimited hosting, helping you to import your podcast with one click, scheduling your podcast with ease. They are focused on helping you optimize your workflow through scheduling and grow your audience by understanding your listeners and staying on top of your ratings and reviews. Their service also allows you to keep track of hosts and guests who have appeared on your show while also providing dedicated support when needed. Their plans are customized to your needs, with unlimited uploads and iTunes support, including a 14-day free trial.
Pricing: $14 to $179 per month.
Check out ZenCast: https://zencast.fm/


When it comes to podcast hosting, Simplecast is trusted by thousands of podcasters. They offer one-click publishing to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever your audience listens. Their plan includes unlimited listener plays, no upload caps, industry-trusted listener analytics, a customizable website, embeddable audio players, and more. They also have a great feature where you can invite others to collaborate on your podcast with you, essentially setting up multiple managers. Sign up for their free 14-day trial to get started.
Pricing: $12 per month.
Check out Simplecast: https://simplecast.com/


If you are looking to host, distribute, and monetize your podcast then Audioboom is for you. Whether you have one show or an entire podcast network, Audioboom gives you access to unlimited channels and episodes for free. Audioboom has partnered with leading distribution services like Apple Podcasts, BookMyShow, Deezer, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Saavn, Spotify, and Stitcher to allow your audience listen on the platform that’s best for them. They have three different hosting plans, dependent on your level and individual podcasting needs. The standard plan allows you to publish up to 5 episodes per month, up to 10,000 plays per month, advanced analytics, and embeddable players for your website and social media integration.
Pricing: Starts at $9.99 per month.
Check out Audioboom: https://audioboom.com/


Whooshkaa is a full-service audio on demand company that helps creators and brands produce, host, share, track and monetize their content. They put your audience first, creating listener-focused branded content and ads that resonate while pairing your podcast with premium brands. Their data-rich audience analytics allows you to track when, where and how audiences listen in real time. They also provide a few different options for the promotion of your podcast, including dynamic ad injection with ads served based on genre and listener location. You control where the ads are placed and you receive the majority share of the revenue.
Pricing: Free
Check out Whooshkaa: https://www.whooshkaa.com


The Podigee team simplify podcasting hosting with three easy steps. Podigee focuses on podcasting and has a straightforward, yet powerful, publishing interface. They also ensure that your episodes will always be available at a consistent speed, no matter how old they are and how many downloads they get. Podigee offers unlimited bandwidth for all of your podcasts, whether you have 100 or 10,000 listeners. Even sudden traffic spikes are no longer a problem with their infinitely scalable podcast delivery network. They also offer collaborators to work together on your podcast at no additional cost, and they offer the best podcast web player on the market with all the basic and many advanced features you won’t get anywhere else. Start now with a free 14-day trial.
Pricing: $4 to $60 per month.
Check out Podigee: https://www.podigee.com


Pinecast is a platform designed for podcasters offering unlimited everything, including storage, bandwidth, and the number of episodes you can release. Pinecast makes it as easy as uploading art and your audio files, then hitting Publish. They also help you build your audience with their Pinecast feedback system and tet your audience involved by letting them help support your show. You can try their free plan for as long as you like, and upgrade when you’re ready to either the starter plan or the pro plan, which includes geographic analytics and collaboration features.
Pricing: Free or $5 to $50 per month.
Check out Pinecast: https://www.pinecast.com/


With Podcasts.com, you get it all for free. Hosting your podcast with them is 100% free, and there are no fees for anything we provide. This includes hosting, SEO optimized directory listing, automatic subscriber updates, unlimited everything, easy iTunes integration, and Google Analytics integration. Each time you release a new episode, we automatically alert all your Podcasts.com subscribers with a link to listen to the episode. Listeners can easily reach your podcast from Podcasts.com wherever they are in the world using their web player, our iOS or our Android app.
Pricing: Free
Check out Podcast.com: http://www.podcasts.com/


Pippa makes podcasting ridiculously easy! With unlimited file hosting, analytics, and monetization, Pippa offers the simplest, all-inclusive platform for podcasts. The features available in all plans include episode scheduling, a show page, an embedded player, custom RSS feed URL, a podcast video sharing tool, and social media sharing capabilities. Plus, get value from your content by buying and selling dynamic ads on Pippa’s marketplace.
Pricing: Free to $12 per month (inquire about professional package pricing).
Check out Pippa: https://pippa.io/


OmnyStudio is a complete audio management solution for podcasters and radio stations, where enterprise podcasting is made simple. They provide you with the functionality you need, to go from on-air to online in seconds. OmnyStudio allows you to migrate your podcast or start a new show in just minutes, taking your on-demand audio to the next level. Their plan includes unlimited episode hosting, publishing and sharing tools, editing and audio processing, as well as analytics and monetization strategies.
Pricing: $99 per month.
Check out OmnyStudio: https://omnystudio.com/

Podcast Websites

If you are new to podcasting, then Podcast Websites is the place for you. Brought to you by John Lee Dumas & Mark Asquith, the service saves you time & money whilst providing complete, personal technical and podcasting support and giving you totally integrated podcast media hosting and download statistics. They provide everything you need to create, grow, and monetize your podcast, including website creation and development, unlimited podcast hosting, 24/7 PERSONAL support, and a simple drag and drop design interface. They run free, regular live demonstrations and Q&A sessions where the founders walk you through Podcast Websites and how they save podcasters time, money and frustration with their all-in-one solution.
Pricing: $97 per month or $77 per month (paid annually).
Check out Podcast Websites: https://podcastwebsites.com/


Podiant makes it easy to start and grow a podcast, regardless of whether you’re an audio novice or a seasoned pro. They are a cloud-hosted podcasting platform built with a focus on usability, flexibility and power. Podiant provides everything you need to create a new podcast including unlimited storage, analytics, copywriting, a beautiful website, Apple-compatible feed, and more.
Pricing: Free to $12.99
Check out Podiant: https://podiant.co/

There are so many hosting services on the web. Choose one that best suits not only your immediate needs but also your long-term needs. If you already have a podcast running but aren’t entirely happy with the service, look around to see if another hosting company would be a better fit. Often times making the switch isn’t as complicated as you’d think!

NOTE: Article has been updated on March 8, 2018, to include more hosting companies.

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  1. Hey Andrew! Have you taken a look at Simplecast yet? I just joined their team but I’ve been a fan for years. Would love an honest review if you’re interested.

    1. Hi Matt, thank you for confirming this. It has been updated.

  2. Do you know if any of these have a plugin that works for a wix page? Surely they have something that can be linked to a wix site?

    1. Hi Justin, I’m sure all the podcast hosting companies provide embeddable players for any form of a website, whether Wix, WordPress, or an HTML site.

  3. Trying to sign up on Blog Talk Radio – site is not that user friendly when you are inputting information. Links to “view your site” are broken. It’s free to sign up, but to get anywhere to upload an audio file is hidden until you dish out money.

  4. We use Megaphone and it’s been really great. Switched from another one on your list…

  5. Carli, thanks for this great list! It was so enlightening.
    I’m just a ‘fresher’ trying to get a platform to upload and allow others download audio files (each mostly under 10 minutes). Please, do you know if any of the platforms you mentioned above allow for free download?

  6. I’m new to podcasting…this was great information to have. Thank you
    I do have one question, which company is better for recording & uploading from your phone? I travel a lot.

  7. Jesus christ, there are so many, which one to pick?

    1. Thank you for this great article.
      At the studio we love the Podcastics.com solution.
      Very innovative (QRcode, smart link, 100% mobile) and very accessible ($8/month with unlimited bandwidth / episodes).
      A must!

  8. Hi! Would you consider adding Messy.fm to this list? We launched about a year ago and are the host for thousands of podcasts. Feel free to reach out to me (CEO) if you’d like more info!

  9. Great article! Hard to find such a comprehensive list. I work at Podbean and wanted to share that our plans range from free (a pretty limited starter plan) to starting at $9/month for unlimited audio or $29/month for unlimited plus (video plus some extra built-in monetization) and then beyond for customized business/enterprise plans. The unlimited bandwidth and storage for $9/month is by far the most popular. We also have an audio recorder built into our app, for those who might be looking to produce podcast right from their phone (the recent version has tons of new features from free background music to enhanced editing tools and sound effects). Happy podcasting everyone!

  10. Thanks for this it was quite helpful. I have gotten an offer from a sponsor and I really don’t know how or what to do. All I have is a great amount of talent and a ⚓ podcast. They are really great but it’s time to be live and grab my own sponsors, no sharing to the point where I make .3 cents each show. What to do??

  11. I’m on Libsyn now and pay $20 a month. I have only released about 2 episodes month and hope to get to a rate of once a week.

    I also plan on creating another podcast soon, However I’d rather not pay $20 each for hosting. Does anyone recommend a site for hosting two separate podcasts that’s user friendly and relatively cheap?

    1. Hello Andrew! Have a look at Spreaker.
      It allows hosting multiple shows with one account for the same price you’re paying currently (20$).

  12. Just setup podcast for bootstrapping digital affiliate marketers, digital nomads, freelancers and side hustler entrepreneurs using the Whooshkaa free podcast hosting platform seems a lot better option than Anchor or other free podcast hosting platforms for bootstrapping entrepreneurs who are looking to focus on predictable cash flow out the gate on a tight budget as Whooshkaa podcast hosting is used by media giant corporations such as Foxsports and other media outlets owned by News Limited Rupert Murdoch. Thanks so much for sharing all the options.

  13. Great list of podcast. I use PodBean at The moment. You mentioned that podcasts.com have SEO optimized directory listing. Is it dofollow link that help the embedded MP3 player on our blog to rank high if the site is well optimized for Search Engines like Google? At The sale time I Think that Premium account for podcast hosting sites could be turn from nofollow links into dofolllow liniks and passe some link juice to promote the podcast within other Content Marketing media such as blogging. I find this Do Follow Podcast list https://zaiygam.com/podcast-submission-sites-list/ but it seems that PodBean are No follow indtil you Pay? Anyone who have an updates list with Podcast sites with Do Follow on the free membership?

  14. We’d love for you to consider adding RedCircle to your list. We’re a podcast growth and monetization platform that’s 100% free to use, including free and unlimited hosting! Our cross-promotion marketplace is a unique feature that helps like-minded creators connect and grow their audiences together.

  15. Great list of podcast. We’d love for you to consider adding JustCast https://www.justcast.com to your list. You can create your own podcast feed from a folder in Dropbox with JustCast.

  16. Amazing article as always. Thanks for sharing an article like this. This website site I use to read the article. Please keep it up.

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