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Our first two prototype studios are currently open. We are rolling out another 100 studios in the next 12-24 months in Canada and the USA and it’s coming to a major city near you.

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We are excited to expand our physical footprint with studios in every major city in North America. The goal is to make podcasting more easily accessible to people from all walks of life. 

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The industry is evolving into a global player, what are you waiting for? 

$ 40 K
Salary per Year

Average Podcast listener in North America.

35 M+
Monthly Listeners

Average monthly listeners in North America alone.

$ 400 M+
Advertising Spend

Projected to be over $1 Billion ad spend in 2021.

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So you’ve taken a big step in your podcasting journey – you’ve booked studio time at a professional recording studio! Wow! That’s a great move! Recording your podcast at a professional recording studio will help you get crystal clear recordings for each episode, significantly improving your show, but it can also be a little daunting...just continue reading
Whichever way you slice it, great content that gives value to your audience is always going to be what makes you and your show a success. “Content is king”, as the saying goes, and it’s a statement that proves true time and time again. FUN FACT: This saying is attributed to Bill Gates and an continue reading
2020 is here, and with it, a new decade is ushered in which is seen by many as the Golden Age of Podcasts! The podcast industry shows no signs of slowing down, with the number of new shows joining the ranks growing steadily each month. And so while we’re definitely not alone in our endeavors, continue reading
Imagine you’re sitting in a cinema. You’re munching on warm, buttery popcorn, you’re sipping your favorite soda. The lights dim and one after another, enticing trailers begin to roll. With each one, you’re sucked into different tales of intrigue, treachery, drama, or adventure. But you’re never given enough to satisfy your curiosity! Before the main continue reading
It’s a new month, a new year, and to top it all off, it’s a brand new decade! And it’s filled to the brim with new possibilities and bucket loads of potential. Come January 1st, we feel full of optimism and hope for the future. We make our New Year’s resolutions and see the world continue reading
The start of a fresh new year and a brand new decade is upon us! It’s a clean slate, full of promise and possibility. The start of a new year is also synonymous with New Year’s resolutions. Whether we want to get fit, eat healthier, spend more time with those we care about, or even continue reading

So Money Podcast

"I am so grateful to work with We Edit Podcasts. They’ve edited almost 1,000 episodes of So Money, since launching in 2015. Listeners always ask how my show has such great sound quality - given that I record from home with a basic microphone. My secret - this brilliant editing team!"

Farnoosh Torabi, host of the So Money Podcast


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