A love for podcasts turned into a company.​

When We Edit Podcasts was founded in 2015 by Carli van Heerden, she set out to give podcasters back their time while creating high-quality content without the cost. That mission has since blossomed into a thriving company with a multitude of service offerings. The mission never changed, it continuously expanded. WEP continues to educate and support a new generation moving into the podcasting sphere.


Our Values We Share as a Company

It's not just about what we build, it's about how we build it, who we build it with, and the potential for the generational effect it has.

Empowering podcasters to be successful at their craft.

Encouraging podcasters through the creation of quality content and ideas.

Embracing citizens of the world by encouraging community growth.

Educating a new generation of podcasters. 

Expanding our company by growing our service umbrella.

Exploring the world by finding new places to create.

Elevating the quality of work by operating in excellence.

Bringing together the podcasting community through experiences.

Editing podcasts is at the core of who we are. We never forget why we started.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to make quality podcast creation accessible to all citizens of the world.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Build a company that is the most sought after podcast service provider across the globe.
Remote First

Remote First

We believe that a distributed team allows us to find the best people that fit our company culture.

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