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It's not just about what we build, it's about how we build it, who we build it with, and the potential for generational effect it has.

Carli van Heerden
Founder and CEO

In February 2015, Carli launched We Edit Podcast after seeing the amount of work that went into producing her husband’s podcast. There had to be some solution, some way to speed up the podcast editing process and win back those precious hours to focus on what really matters. And so, We Edit Podcasts was born!

Carli believes in giving podcasters back their precious time and supporting them in every aspect of getting the best version of their show out to their audience.

Having built a prominent client list made up of Fortune 100 companies, NGO’s, Celebrities, and more, she believes that podcasting is only really getting started in the big array of things being developed in the world.

Today, Carli lives in Calgary, Canada where she is a prominent influencer in the community and loves connecting with and supporting other incredible women in business.

When she’s not working, you can find her supporting a local coffee shop, enjoying brunch in the sun, or taking a walk along the river with her puppy Rio, and her husband Jacques.


What we stand for is just as important as what we do


Building a company that serves podcasters in production value, taking back time, saving money, and excelling in their field.


We are working towards becoming the biggest podcast service provider in North America, that not only produces podcasts but also provides consulting, training facilities, studio locations, resources, and more.


We believe that we can’t function as a company without being grounded in traditional values such as honesty, accountability, integrity, diversity, consistency, quality, respect and innovation.

  • We Edit Podcasts has been invaluable to me. I have sent them issue after issue and they handle it with grace, timeliness and professionalism–making them my heroes and making me sound like a pro!

    Sally Koering Zimney – This Moved Me
  • We Edit Podcasts provides such excellent, streamlined, simple-to-use services for such a reasonable rate that it’s a little bit breath-taking. I can rest easy and trust that my podcast and transcripts were polished to a high professional standard. Also, their customer care is responsive, on-the-ball, and reassuring. I highly recommend their help to every podcaster I talk to.

    Carolyn Elliot – SuperConnectors
  • I don’t know how I would be able to have a twice-a-week podcast without the partnership I have with We Edit Podcasts. Jonathan and the team helped me get my show off the ground when I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Having a great-sounding podcast has just given me confidence and credibility as a relatively new podcaster; I’ve had so many compliments on the production value along with the content. WEP’s crucial role in my show helped me stay at the top of my category during the iTunes New & Notable period. Plus, the team has been great about quick turnarounds and very attentive to detail. I highly recommend teaming up with We Edit Podcasts.

    Brandie Weikle – The New Family
  • I was skeptical at first about hiring We Edit Podcasts to edit the Composer on Fire podcast. As a composer, sound designer, and audio engineer I am very particular about sound and the quality of audio. However, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of time it took to edit and mix down each episode. I estimate that by outsourcing this work I save between 3–4 hours of work a week—and my podcast is just an hour long and only one episode per week! I’ve been very happy with the work WEP has been doing. They have also accommodated my requests for re-edits without complaint and are extremely easy to work with. They are punctual and professional. I recommend them for anyone doing their own podcast editing.

    Garrett Hope – Composer on Fire
  • Are you launching a podcast or already have one up? Although it is a ton of fun, it’s also a lot of work. Having a partner like We Edit Podcasts by your side will be the best move you make. Not only have they done an amazing job for me, but they are on their game: last minute changes, quick touch ups – it doesn’t matter – they are there for you! Sign up! You won’t be sorry

    Laura Coe – Art of Authenticity
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