How To Monetize Your Podcast

In the past, a show would have needed at least five to ten thousand downloads per episode to even be considered advertising. And when that advertising money came in, you’d be lucky if you walked away with a decent profit when everything’s said and done. As podcasting advances, more and more ways of monetizing your podcast […]

30 Educational Podcasts to Grow Your Brain

There is literally a podcast about everything. From sports, to cats, to instruments, to ghosts, there is most likely a podcast out there specifically catering to each topic. While sometimes spending time to expand your knowledge can be hard work and time consuming, with today’s technology it is well possible to engage in enjoyable learning. […]

What Is the Optimal Length for a Podcast?

There are many theories about the decrease in our attention spans due to the increase in technology, specifically mobile devices. A study done by Microsoft revealed that in the year 2000, the average attention span was twelve seconds, and today it is only eight seconds, a full second less than that of a goldfish. Now, obviously […]

7 Benefits of Providing Transcriptions For Your Podcast

When creating content, as a podcaster it is important to realize that transcripts can be a huge part of your content base. There are many different ways to consume information, and everyone has different preferences. Audio content is incredibly convenient and easy to absorb, for most. However, some consumers prefer video, and some prefer written. The […]

Pioneers of the Podcast Industry

The origins of podcasting dates back to 2003 when Adam Curry and Dave Winer created the technology behind the podcast. Adam introduced the show Daily Source Code (DSC) in August of 2014. Just as a reference of the times, the introduction went like this: “Well, good morning everybody, and welcome to the Daily Source Code. Thank you very […]

20 Celebrity Podcasts That Are a Must Listen!

The podcasting is blowing up and still very much on the rise, not just with bloggers and small businesses, but amongst the Hollywood elite as well. With podcasting becoming a more well recognized media platform, more and more celebrities are jumping on the “podcasting bandwagon”, so to speak. Want to find out more about who’s […]

One Podcast, One Guy, Five Guests. You Have to See It to Believe It!

Phil Hendrie hosts a podcast with five guests. The catch? He’s the only guy at the microphone. Voice-over, improv, and comedic talent at its absolute finest! By: Phil Hendrie Phil has clearly developed some incredible voice and improv talent. He recognized his strengths in this area and used them to gain a unique advantage in […]

Seven Unconventional Ways to Market Your Podcast

Using a podcast as a communication tool can be quite ineffective if your audience has not been growing. If you’re releasing your show and you’re the only one listening, what’s the point? A podcast needs to be marketed in order to attract listeners, thus making your show valuable and noteworthy. Not sure where to start? […]

They sent Tom Hanks an Interview Invitation in a Typewriter… His Response was Perfect

“The guys at Nerdist Industries sent Tom Hanks a typed invitation to come on their podcast. This is how the genius Tom Hanks responded.”     Whether it’s getting a guest post or an interview lined up, you’re going to face challenges. We all have that ideal guest in mind that we want to feature […]

Podcasting in 2016 – What You Need to Know

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the popularity of podcasting is at an all time high in 2016. With a population that’s becoming increasingly uninterested in reading, the convenience of audio is booming. Podcasting has risen to amongst the most popular forms of content, with 17% of the American population having listened to a […]

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