Best Tools for Your Podcast Recording Process

When it comes to getting a great podcast out there to your audience, there is a lot more that goes into than just getting a microphone and a pair of headphones. Of course, it’s entirely possible for you to start your podcast using a simple app on your smartphone, but once you’ve established your podcast and have a few loyal

Top 8 Ways to Create Buzz Around Your Podcast

Whether you’ve had your podcast since before it was even popular or only recently decided to join the podcasting family, we all want the same thing; having as many loyal listeners and followers as possible! Growing your audience isn’t always the easiest task and sometimes you’ll have to go out of your comfort zone to create some buzz around your

Top 10 Questions Most Podcasters Get Asked

As full-time podcasters, we can often forget that not everyone knows all the ins and outs of what a podcast is! There are even people out there who have never heard of a podcast, or if they did, they still can't quite put their finger on what exactly it is. As a result, podcasters are often sought out to answer

7 Tips to Make More Time for Your Podcast

Finding time for your podcast in your busy life can often be a challenge, especially if you have a full-time job or other important to-do lists to get through. This is why time management is absolutely key for carving out that precious time, dedicated solely to your podcast. For most podcasters out there, recording and producing your show is absolutely

How To Revamp Your Podcast for the New Year

With the new year in full swing and with new podcasts popping up all around, it can sometimes be a daunting task to find fresh life in your own podcast. But fear not! There's nothing that a little podcast revamp can't do to give you a new skip in your podcasting step. So let's jump into a few strategies that

17 Essential Podcasts for the Creative Entrepreneur

As a creative entrepreneur, one of the best tools in your toolbox is a strong community that you can learn from and place to draw on the experience of others. However, often times we can be so overwhelmed with who to listen to or where to look for the advice we need to take our businesses to the next level.

7 Reasons Why Your Podcast Needs A Website

When it comes to running a successful podcast, a well-crafted website is an important part of that success! Since discoverability for podcasts is so limited, a great podcast website can make it simple for new and current listeners to sample, subscribe, and dig deeper into your podcast episodes. Although a website for your podcast may not be technically necessary, there

The Top 21 Podcasts for the Ultimate Foodie

Today, delicious food can be found everywhere including our social media feeds, on TV, and even on the news. For the ultimate foodie, this is the perfect combo of inspiration to be found wherever they look. But what about taking a step in a new direction and diving into some foodie podcasts? Well, you are in luck! In this article,

7 Reasons to Implement a Podcast Workflow

Implementing a workflow for your podcast can be one of the best things that you do. It allows your podcast production routine to become more efficient by helping to save time, remove wastage, and cut out unnecessary work to allow for your podcast to improve and grow. Although there are endless benefits to establishing a podcast workflow, in this article

Top 12 Podcasting Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

We've all accidentally subscribed to newsletters that don't really peak our interest. But what about those newsletters that provide only the best that podcasting has to offer? Are you always looking for fresh ideas and new shows to listen to, but have no idea how to find out which ones are actually worth your time? Perhaps a great podcast curation

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