10+ Podcast Editing Services to Help You with Your Show

Podcasting can be tough. Especially since you have to come up with new content, schedule guests for interviews, record, edit, master, upload, write, schedule and the list goes on. If you’re a podcaster, the odds are that you know exactly what I’m talking about. So, I’ve decided to round up ten podcast editing companies for […]

10 Podcasting Infographics to Help you Maximize your Show

Podcasting has evolved over the years with the ability to get in on a lower scale than having to spend thousands of dollars on quality equipment. You can now purchase a microphone for $70 and it gives the average user the quality that a higher-end microphone would. I’ve compiled a few infographics below on podcasting […]

15 Podcasting Workstations to Inspire You

Where do you podcast from? Your home? Your office? A coffee shop? Your space might change regularly, some people settle in and record in the comfort of their own home, whilst others journey off to coffee shops, hiking trails, and meetups. Your space doesn’t defy what you create, instead, your space inspires you to create […]

Podcasts of the Week #2

The purpose of this series is to highlight my favorite podcasts of the week. These podcasts aren’t just randomly chosen, they are podcasts that I came across during the week and had found intriguing. I tend to vary my content quite a lot and look for new material every week to shake it up. This […]

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Next Podcast Guest

Today’s topic is something that I’ve gotten quite a few questions about in the past. How do you find your guests for the podcast? Now, there is no simple answer to that question. It’s through friends, acquaintances, books, conferences, etc and I believe different for everyone. However, it got me thinking about what tips I […]

Six Podcasting Conferences You Have to Attend in the Last Quarter of 2016

As the fourth quarter of 2016 approaches, we have to say good-bye to Summer too. Whilst we had one of the wettest summers in Calgary in a very long time, it’s always good to see the sun and a few 30 degree days. Now before I start to get nostalgic¬†about summer leaving us, let’s talk […]

Podcasts of the Week #1

Welcome to the first weekly roundup series we are starting on the We Edit Podcasts Blog. Every Friday we will bring you our favorite podcasts of the week, giving you quality new material to listen to and turn your all so average weekend into a rollercoaster of excitement…. I am kidding. You’re probably chilling out […]

8 Talks Every Podcaster in Need of Motivation Needs to Hear

Podcasting is hard work. That’s the bottom line. As you get thrown into the deep end launching a podcast, excitement drives your first few weeks of collaborations, content creation, and productivity. But, as the honeymoon period comes to a close, you release that putting out consistent content isn’t a walk in the park. There are […]

We are Focused on Making Podcaster’s Lives Easier

I’m excited to say welcome to the company that will help you put your podcast on autopilot! It took a little bit longer than I planned to iron out all the details, but We Edit Podcasts is finally live and ready for you. I started We Edit Podcasts when I realized I had a massive […]

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