How to Stay Motivated to Keep Podcasting

One of the biggest reasons that podcasters fail is because the motivation to keep going has fizzled out, and fizzled out quickly. So, how does one stay motivated to keep podcasting? This is a question that most long-time podcasters face at least once in their podcasting journey. And it’s okay to feel a little discouraged sometimes, in fact, it’s completely

Top 15 True Crime Podcasts

We all have a mini Sherlock Holmes inside of us trying to solve some sort of mystery, whether you’re trying to figure out who stole your chocolate out of the freezer or what happened to the Zodiac Killer, this little obsession that some of us entertain has a quick fix and it’s called a “true-crime podcast”. Finding a True Crime

The 10 Must Do’s for Successful Podcasting

Whether you’re starting a podcast for business or personal reasons, it can be a very successful digital marketing tool if used correctly. Podcasting is used by international companies and small businesses alike, all in the hopes of promoting their product or service. Of course, there are some podcasts that succeed and some that simply can’t get off the ground. So

Podcasting Tips for Authors

Part of being a great author includes getting out into the world and promoting yourself. It is your job as an author to market your book and reach your audience on a face-to-face level through book tours, giving readings and speakings on your topic, or even putting out supporting content for your audience to enjoy. You can’t simply sit back

Top 15 WordPress Templates for Podcasters on Themeforest

In today's day and age where everyone can get any information in a matter of seconds, it can be very frustrating for your listeners when they’re searching for information about your podcast but can’t find any home base. Now, a home base does not mean a Facebook page or a LinkedIn account, it refers to your own website where your

7 Free Podcast Hosting Platforms

Choosing a hosting platform for your podcast doesn’t have to be your biggest worry, especially not if you’re on a tight budget. There are so many podcast hosting sites out there and even a few free options for those of you looking to get your podcast off the ground without the added expense. All you need to do is find

8 Top Interview Softwares for Recording Your Podcast Remotely

If you haven't recorded a remote interview before then the first time might be challenging. But no matter the challenges it shouldn’t stop you from recording high-quality content! Of course, the best types of audio quality can be achieved by recording together with your guest. However, we know that’s not always possible! The best way to record great quality remotely

How to Find New Podcasts to Listen To

There are more than 700 000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes out there for you to choose from. Somehow we all end up finding a podcast that we love and listening to it on repeat. But then once you come to the point where you need a new show, then you’ll find yourself trying to remember

10 Podcasts that Use Sound Effects to Stir Emotion + CEO of Soundsnap Weighs in

When you start your podcast you’ll mostly be focusing on the basics of content creation, recording, and editing your podcast. But once you get the hang of things you’ll want to start to improve your podcasts and gain more listeners by offering them a higher quality show. A great way to take your podcast to the next level is by

How to Capture Your Podcast Audience + a TED Talk by Julian Treasure

Studies show that only 35% of all podcast consumers listen to an entire episode1. Which means that there are a ton of people out there only listening to a part of your podcast. It’s not because of the topic you picked or even because you’re hosting, it might just be that they’re using your podcast as background noise while they’re

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