Top 12 Podcasting Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

We’ve all accidentally subscribed to newsletters that don’t really peak our interest. But what about those newsletters that provide only the best that podcasting has to offer? Are you always looking for fresh ideas and new shows to listen to, but have no idea how to find out which ones are actually worth your time? […]

26 Resources For Royalty Free Podcast Music and Sound Effects

Since podcasts are such an audio-based platform, music and sound effects play a big role in making it all come together. However, in today’s internet age, using music in your productions that is not originally your own can become really tricky. This is where royalty free music comes into play. So first of all, what […]

The 15 Most Popular Podcasts For Teachers

As the podcast industry is growing and changing, so too is the way that people are learning and consuming content. Dozens of educators are now hooked on the podcast format and are anxious to find those great education podcasts to follow. The podcast medium can be instrumental in changing your practice as an educator and […]

How to Reach Out to a Potential Podcast Sponsor

When it comes to nabbing up a great sponsor (or two) for your show, you definitely have a few different ways of reaching that goal. It can be as simple as handing over the reigns to an advertising or PR agency, or it may require a little extra “out-of-the-box” thinking. Reaching out to a potential […]

The Biggest Challenges Podcasters Face

Like with every new undertaking, there are always challenges to overcome. On the journey of getting your podcast started, you can face a few curveballs that get thrown your way. It is not always easy to know where to get started and what to look out for until you are already committed to your show. […]

7 Steps For a Successful Podcast Launch

Where podcasting is concerned, you can find a ton of resources out there all about how to start a podcast, including what equipment to use and how to get your podcast recorded and edited. But what about pulling off a successful launch? To reach the goals you want and make the biggest splash possible on […]

7 Reasons to Seek Out a Podcast Mentor

Launching your first podcast can be a daunting task. More so, staying committed to it when the going gets tough. However, with the right guidance and encouragement, you just might do it! When starting out on any new venture, like a podcast, one of the main factors that can determine success is whether or not […]

How to Use Your Email Newsletter to Grow Your Podcast

An email newsletter is one of the best tools to use to grow and nurture your podcast audience surrounding all of the content that you create. It works well on all levels, from the first-time listener to the loyal fan of the show. Email is still the most direct route to reach the majority of […]

6 Strategies for Building Your Podcast Brand

Every podcaster’s dream is to build an audience that is so committed to the show that they go out of their way to evangelize and share it with everyone they know! Essentially, they become die-hard listeners who adopt the show and the podcast community as their own. So how do those top podcasters achieve such […]

Why Your Podcast Needs Show Notes

When it comes to understanding the importance of show notes for your podcast, it’s best to think of them as a crucial part of your podcasting workflow. Creating show notes for your episode is just as important as publishing the episode itself. They provide great SEO value for your podcast website, and they give listeners […]

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