Top 10 Questions Most Podcasters Get Asked

As full-time podcasters, we can often forget that not everyone knows all the ins and outs of what a podcast is! There are even people out there who have never heard of a podcast, or if they did, they still can’t quite put their finger on what exactly it is. As a result, podcasters are […]

How to Improve Your Podcast Storytelling Technique (Including a TED Talk)

Storytelling is a great method you can use to connect with your listeners. Passing down stories has always been a popular method of communication but what people don’t realize is that it is an excellent method you can use to grow your audience. “Storytelling — is joke telling. It’s knowing your punchline, your ending, knowing […]

6 Ways to Create Loyal Podcast Fans

The Podcast Industry is booming and Podcast Insights has determined that 50% of US homes are fans of listening to podcasts. That’s why we are confident that there is an audience out there for you somewhere, if you decide to start your podcast today, even in this saturated industry. However, gaining loyal podcast fans will […]

Top 20 Podcasts For The Sports Fan

We know watching your favorite sport on television isn’t always enough, especially since you won’t be able to enjoy it whenever or wherever you go. Luckily there are so many sports podcasts out there for you to choose from to help you listen on-the-go. With so many options comes the struggle of choosing one to […]

5 Steps to Create Listener-Driven Content for Your Podcast

Crafting ideas for your podcast can be quite fun, but making your podcast content more listener-driven will take some hard work and dedication. Creating content that is specifc to your listener is one of the best ways to grow your show and attract long-time listeners. In order to shape your content around your listeners, take […]

19 Books To Help You Start A Podcast

With the podcast industry growing by 10% to 20% every year, it’s no wonder that more and more people want to start their own show! However, starting your own podcast can be quite a daunting task, especially if you’re going it alone. Starting a podcast takes skill and dedication as well as enough knowledge of […]

6 Strategies for Improving Your Podcast Interview Questions

A great interview consists of more than just asking the right questions or having a high-profile expert guest. Even though these are two important components, when it comes to a successful episode, just remember that there are other facets to consider in pulling off an intriguing and attention-grabbing podcast episode. As many podcasters know, telling […]

How To Craft a Podcast Episode Title

Choosing the title for each new episode is one of the key factors of having a successful podcast. This is the first thing a listener will see and is what will determine whether or not they’re going tune in. Crafting the right title for your episode might be tricky, especially since you want to create […]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast

Have you been considering the option of starting your own podcast? We know how amazing it can be for your business to have a successful podcast or even just to have a place to share your ideas, especially since 44% of the US population has listened to podcasts this year. However, it is important to […]

Happy Birthday, WEP! Recapping Our Top Ten Posts

Four years later, and We Edit Podcasts is still going strong. Stronger than ever, in fact, thanks to our incredible clients who are part of the WEP family, and all of you podcasters out there finding value in the content we create. There have been so many great moments in the past four years! Moments […]

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