The Top “Rewatch” Podcasts

If you’re a television buff and haven’t discovered “Rewatch” podcasts yet, this list is going to blow your mind! Seriously! Imagine getting to rewatch your favorite show, AND get to discuss each episode in minute detail with others who love it just as much as you? Rewatch podcasts have become a hot commodity in recent […]

Podcast Awards and How To Get Your Podcast Nominated

The 2020 Film and Television award season has just come to an end, but that doesn’t mean an end to the glitz and glam! That’s right! It’s time to celebrate our favorite form of entertainment – podcasts! You may be unaware that the world of podcasting has a number of awards programs honoring a variety […]

Top Podcasts to Improve Your General Knowledge

I don’t know about you, but I love trivia game shows! The BBC’s Pointless, Cash Cab (let’s be honest, who doesn’t dream of getting picked up by Ben Bailey and having those iconic Cash Cab lights go off?) and Jeopardy are just some of the trivia game-show greats. And my newest fix is Jame’s Corden’s […]

How To Boost Your Podcasting Confidence

The podcast world is a wonderful place. It’s full of passionate, creative individuals, great opportunities, and new frontiers. But if you’re just getting into the podcasting world, it can also be a little daunting. There are field-specific terms, podcast-centered technology, and lingo all it’s own. I get it! It can be quite overwhelming finding your […]

Top Podcasts All About (Self) Love

In case it’s not clear from all the heart-shaped confectionaries, adorably fluffy teddy bears, and the copious amounts of red roses everywhere, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, like, tomorrow! Some people love Valentine’s Day! For them, February 14th is a day to celebrate love and being in love, and getting to show those […]

How Long Should Your Podcast Episodes Be In 2020?

As we enter a new decade in the podcasting industry, and as the industry continues to boom, we’re looking at what updates and developments are taking place within the industry and what these could mean for your show. The focus of this post is podcast length, specifically how long should your podcast be in 2020. […]

Top Tools For The New Podcaster

It’s February 2020, can you believe it? And maybe that means you’re Feb-u-ready to start a podcast! How exciting! We’re right in the middle of The Golden Age of Podcasts so now is a perfect time to join the phenomenon. So if you’re a new podcaster and you’re wanting to get a headstart in the […]

Everything You Need To Invite and Book Your Next Podcast Guest (Email Templates Included!)

No doubt about it, having a guest on your podcast is a winning strategy. Not only is it a great way to mix up your format, but the knowledge and insights guests share give your audience even more valuable content when they tune in to your show. The expertise and specialist knowledge guests provide can […]

How To Boost Your Podcasting Productivity

The end of the first month of 2020 is (finally!) insight! The fact that January has felt abnormally long has been a running joke the world over, but as the first month of the decade begins to fade, you may very well be feeling your levels of productivity and motivation dwindling down along with it, […]

Top 10 Podcasts About Podcasting

It’s a new year and a new you! And perhaps, in this new year, the new you wants to start a podcast! Whatever your reasons for wanting to join the amazing world of podcasting, whether it’s a marketing strategy for your business, a way to process your thoughts and emotions, or a challenge you and […]

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