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13 Steps For Attracting New Listeners for Your Podcast

One of the key factors identifying a successful podcast is a large and engaged listener base. Some shows may be lucky enough to find success early on. They launch, and it seems like “bam” they already have a large, healthy audience. But this, by and large, is the exception. Most hosts need to put in


17 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Podcast Through Premium Content

Looking to monetize your podcast through premium content? This post is for you! Offering paying participants access to your podcast’s premium content is an incredibly smart monetization technique. It allows you to share extra material relating to your podcast with your die-hard fans, for a fee. Platforms like Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-fi


12 Simple Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Twitter

One of the biggest stories of 2022 thus far is the agreement reached for the acquisition of social media juggernaut Twitter by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk. Musk has some ideas about how he would change Twitter but, until the deal is finalized, all remains the same.  Twitter, then, is still one of the world’s top


7 Common Challenges Podcasters Face and How to Overcome Them

Despite some of the common challenges podcasters face it is still a wonderful medium of expression. It allows you the opportunity to build a personal connection with your audience. Podcasts can be educational, entertaining, and enlightening. They are convenient for the consumer as it allows them the chance to do other things whilst getting a


4 Reasons Text is Important to Your Podcast’s Success

When we think about starting a podcast, the first thing that comes to mind is making sure that the sound is perfect. It’s the obvious point of departure when entering an audio medium like podcasting. But did you know that having forms of text is important to ensure a successful podcast? There are many instances


8 Great Ways to Advertise Your Podcast in 2022

Congratulations! You’ve turned your dream into reality and now you have your podcast. Your hard work has paid off and you have something that you are proud of. The next question is: How do you advertise your podcast? What can you do to get your podcast heard? How can you share your podcast across state and


It’s Here! 7 Terrific Tips For Working From Home

2020 changed the world. The global pandemic forced many corporations to shut down their work operations. Whilst some companies closed offices altogether, others asked their employees to continue working from home. Remote work became the saving grace for many businesses. Companies that did not need open borders to supply their product or service were able


7 Simple Reasons Advertisers Should Be Interested in Podcasts

Millions of people around the world listen to their favorite podcasts for their dose of news, entertainment, and everything in between. The growth of the industry is remarkable and it has benefitted both podcast creators and those who advertise on them.  Advertisers have staked their claim in podcasting, boosting the industry’s bottom line.  There is

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