14 Best Turnkey Podcasting Software

Getting started on your own podcast definitely takes a few steps before getting it off the ground. There's the initial set up cost, getting your content ready, and then you actually have to get the recording done. From start to finish, there are a few key software pieces that you need to make it a success. In the podcasting world,

18 Health and Fitness Podcasts to Get You Motivated

Over the last few years, there has been a massive rise in the interest in health and fitness. Gyms have filled up, health stores have started selling everything surrounding the latest trends, and fitness blogs/online content has increased. Well, today we've noticed the same trend in the podcast industry, so below is just a small snippet of the podcasts that

How to Setup a Guest Interview for Your Podcast

In the world of podcasting, believe it or not, there is a strategy and certain etiquette when it comes to setting up guest interviews. This is especially true when you are first starting out and have yet to create a following or significant audience. One of the most rewarding things about podcasting is interviewing experts, and getting the opportunity to

6 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Own Podcast

Most people only become aware of new opportunities when the trend has subsided. Podcasting isn't new, but it has only really started to catch on over the past few years, with more and more people turning to podcasts whilst commuting, exercising, working, etc. They try and drown out the normal day to day things and overlay it with an informative

5 Rewarding Challenges For Podcasters

There are ways to grow your podcast, and there are ways to grow as a person. Podcasting aside, challenging yourself is extremely important in everyday life. We don't grow as people if we don't try new, sometimes difficult, things. The challenges below are not all that difficult, but will certainly prove to be very fruitful and rewarding for your podcast,

11 Steps For Attracting New Podcast Listeners

Every podcast has the goal of growing both in quality and in quantity. Your listener base is what determines your show's success. So naturally, a big listener base means a more successful show. However, not every podcast is destined for immediate success, in which case groundwork is required! There are a few very effective methods available for you to use

15 Podcasts For The Self Improving Student

Everyone is a student. Whether by the formal definition of attending university/ school, or by learning everyday outside of the classroom. In reality, we all learn until we die (though not necessarily the traditional school content) but rather by ways of self improvement, real life lessons and skills, and adapting to our surroundings. There are many resources available to aid

The Secret Ingredient to Public Speaking For Your Podcast (Includes TED Talk)

Do you have an idea that is worth spreading? Have you become so passionate about it that you have decided to make things happen and start your very own podcast? For some of us, this sounds easier said than done. Whether you are new to speaking or have been doing it for years, there is always the question of, “Is

21 Things To Do Before You Hit Record

A lot goes into getting ready for recording your podcast episode. Whether it's your very first, or one of many that you've already done, you are bound to find your groove or "pre-recording routine" as time goes. If you are doing an interview, there are things to remember and check off like having the right background on your guest, sending

18 Social Media Tips To Grow Your Podcast

The rise of social media has been the ultimate gift to corporations and small business' (personal brands included). Reaching the masses has never been so easy, giving podcasters a great opportunity to promote their shows and grow their audiences. Utilizing social media to grow a brand is nothing new, with the vast majority already doing so. BUT... that doesn't mean

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