Best Tools for Your Podcast Recording Process

When it comes to getting a great podcast out there to your audience, there is a lot more that goes into than just getting a microphone and a pair of headphones. Of course, it’s entirely possible for you to start your podcast using a simple app on your smartphone, but once you’ve established your podcast and have a few loyal

8 Top Interview Softwares for Recording Your Podcast Remotely

If you haven't recorded a remote interview before then the first time might be challenging. But no matter the challenges it shouldn’t stop you from recording high-quality content! Of course, the best types of audio quality can be achieved by recording together with your guest. However, we know that’s not always possible! The best way to record great quality remotely

Should My Podcast be a Video Podcast?

When people hear about podcasting the first thing they think about is audio. Listening to podcasts is great since you can enjoy it at any point in your day, whether you’re busy driving, exercising or just getting some work done podcasting is right there just a few clicks away. Video podcasts, on the other hand, is perfect if you’re looking

5 Simple Tips For Improving Your Podcast Sound Quality

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing sectors of the digital world. More and more fans are tuning in to listen to their favorite podcasts every week. Which also means that there are more and more competitors with better sound, higher profile guests and possibly a larger budget. This creates a perfect environment for smaller, unknown podcasters to become greater

Podcasting Gear You Need to Start Recording Today

The amount of money that you'll spend on your podcast setup should depend on a few things. First, your level of seriousness. If you're getting into the podcasting game as a hobby and your audience will consist of yourself, your dog, and the fly on the wall, then the mic dangling next to your chin attached to your headphones might

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