How to Improve the Discoverability of Your Podcast

There are two predominant schools of thought when it comes to discussing strategies to improve the discoverability of a podcast. On the one hand, you have those in the industry claiming podcast discoverability is a problem because aspects of the technology are lacking, and are calling for the development of new software and better algorithms. […]

How to Promote Your Podcast if Marketing is Not Your Strength

Having your own podcast means that you’ll have to handle many different tasks at the same time. Some of them might be easier than others depending on your strengths and weaknesses. When wearing these different hats, there will be some who know exactly how to market their podcast and others who have no idea where […]

8 Reasons Why Starting a Podcast is Good for Business

Scaling your business is hard work in any industry, especially with the constant change in customer needs and new market entries. Working to stay on top isn’t the easiest job but luckily with everything else changing so fast, you can count on the fact that there will constantly be new tools developed for you to […]

Podcasting Tips for Authors

Part of being a great author includes getting out into the world and promoting yourself. It is your job as an author to market your book and reach your audience on a face-to-face level through book tours, giving readings and speakings on your topic, or even putting out supporting content for your audience to enjoy. […]

Email Marketing Basics for Podcasters

So, you have a great podcast and quite a few listeners but what happens now? How do you get your content out to the right people? Well, that’s where promoting your podcast comes in and using the most effective strategies to communicate with your listeners and build a relationship with them. When it comes to […]

27 Most Popular Podcast Apps

With an increase in podcast popularity and more than a thousand podcasts to choose from, it is understandable that more and more apps are being released to make enjoying these podcasts more accessible. Listening to podcasts has become a part of the daily routines of so many people and finding ways to enjoy it in […]

Why You Should Care About Your Podcast Launch

There is so much information out there about launching your podcast that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Launching your podcast is very exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time! So how do you decide whether all your focus and attention should be on the launch or if it should be saved for after the […]

Top 8 Ways to Create Buzz Around Your Podcast

Whether you’ve had your podcast since before it was even popular or only recently decided to join the podcasting family, we all want the same thing; having as many loyal listeners and followers as possible! Growing your audience isn’t always the easiest task and sometimes you’ll have to go out of your comfort zone to […]

7 Reasons Why Your Podcast Needs A Website

When it comes to running a successful podcast, a well-crafted website is an important part of that success! Since discoverability for podcasts is so limited, a great podcast website can make it simple for new and current listeners to sample, subscribe, and dig deeper into your podcast episodes. Although a website for your podcast may […]

Seven Unconventional Ways to Market Your Podcast

Using a podcast as a communication tool can be quite ineffective if your audience has not been growing. If you’re releasing your show and you’re the only one listening, what’s the point? A podcast needs to be marketed in order to attract listeners, thus making your show valuable and noteworthy. Not sure where to start? […]

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