Ep 120: What Software Can I Use to Make Artwork for My Podcast?

Creating the right kind of artwork to go along with your podcast is vital to reaching the right audience and promoting your show. If your visual element to your brand is lacking, people will assume that your show is not worth their time, so putting in a little time and effort into this part of things is highly recommended. There are several programs that you can use to take the DIY route, but you may also want to think about hiring a designer to create something for you. Tune in to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Offering listeners a visual element to go along with your audio is important. 
  • The artwork attached to your episodes can have a big impact on capturing an audience.
  • Poor quality artwork will signal that your show is also of a low standard.
  • There is a balance between limitations and the skills needed for different design programs.
  • Canva is a great option if you have a simple idea that you want to execute yourself. 
  • Adobe Illustrator is more expensive and knowledge and skill-intensive to use. 
  • There is always the option to outsource this work to a designer or design team. 
  • Contact us via the We Edit Podcasts website to explore the options we offer! 

Links Mentioned:

Adobe Illustrator



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Andrew Delmar

Andrew Delmar

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