Ep 135: Is Social Audio a Threat to Podcasting?

Social audio is still a fresh and new medium, whose potential and future are yet to be seen. With that being said, we believe that social audio is more of a complement to podcasting than a threat and that the links and possibilities between the two worlds, can provide amazing areas to explore for all content creators. Tune in to hear some ideas about repurposing content, and why these developments are so exciting!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The rise of social audio has raised questions about its impact on podcasting. 
  • Both mediums have useful applications and service different needs.
  • There is not reason for podcasters to not engage with and use social audio. 
  • Social audio content has the potential to be repurposed for podcasting content.
  • All this innovation is something to be excited about and not fear! 

Links Mentioned:


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Facebook Hotline


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Andrew Delmar

Andrew Delmar

Growth Manager at We Edit Podcasts and Host of the Ask We Edit Show.

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