Ep 4: The First Podcast Ever?

The much-disputed question of the first podcast, depends on your definitions. The roots of the medium can be found when radio media made its way onto the internet in 2003, and when this combined with the invention of the RSS feed, we see the shaping of the format we know today. It is believed that the first-ever podcast appeared on Chris Lydon’s blog, although it was not until a little while later that it would actually be known as a ‘podcast’, when the words iPod and webcast were combined by Ben Hammersley. Tune in to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Podcasts as we know them, have their roots in radio’s move onto the internet.
  • Soon after it became possible to subscribe and download shows, the term ‘podcast’ was coined.
  • Chris Lydon’s blog hosted the first podcast, although it was initially called an ‘audioblog’.

Links Mentioned:

Chris Lydon

Jake Shapiro

Dave Winer

The Guardian

Ben Hammersley

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Andrew Delmar

Andrew Delmar

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