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Ep 5: How Many Episodes Should I Launch With?

Your initial launching strategy is dependent on a couple of variable factors, namely the schedule you wish to follow and the size of your existent listener-base. Delivering content to your audience on-time and in a dependable manner, as well as keeping them interested and engaged should be your number one goal. Remember, consistency is key! With that in mind, we believe in launching with a few episodes, and always aiming to have a few more episodes on the backlog, to give yourself some leeway for scheduling and unforeseen circumstances.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The most important factors to consider are your intended release schedule and your audience.
  • Launching with a small number of episodes initially is a good idea.
  • Consistency is key and delivering on-schedule should be a priority.
  • Creating a backlog can help to give you some breathing room and make the process easier.
  • We recommend launching with three episodes, with at least three more episodes in the backlog.

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