Ep 88: How Do I Record A Podcast Interview on Skype?

We have addressed the topic of remote interviews on this podcast before and today we want to zero in on the option of using Skype for your conversations. There are a few simple ways that you can make recordings for an episode using Skype, and the first of these is to use the Skype software itself to record. This method is straightforward but does result in a single-track file which can be troublesome in the editing process. Integrating other apps, such as Ecamm Call Recorder, can help you get around this issue, and there are many comparable software options to cater specifically to your needs. Tune in to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • There are a number of remote recording options for podcasting.
  • When using Skype, there is the option to record the conversation using the app itself. 
  • The app will create a simple and accessible video file for you to use. 
  • To convert the MP4 into an audio-only file format you will need to use conversion software.
  • The file that Skype creates will be single-track, which can give you trouble during editing.
  • You may want to utilize other plug-ins or apps that allow multi-track recording.  

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Ecamm Call Recorder

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Andrew Delmar

Andrew Delmar

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