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Ep 97: Are Ratings and Reviews Important for My Podcast?

We know that for YouTubers and influencers, more views and likes lead to more traction and ultimately wider exposure. Is it the same for podcasts? In today’s episode, we unpack just how important ratings are for podcasts and why you might need to adjust your expectations. Tune in to hear it all. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Catchphrases YouTubers, influencers, and content creators often use to create audience engagement. 
  • The number of podcasts out there makes it hard for new podcasts to gain exposure. 
  • You are more likely to give a new podcast with good reviews a chance. 
  • There is no proof that major platforms use ratings in their algorithms. 
  • You need ratings and reviews to stand out from the crowd; they just might not get you the 
  • exposure you hope for. 
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  • Thanks for listening! Check us out on Twitter, Instagram @weeditpodcasts, or visit our blog at for everything podcast-related. 

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