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$ 40 K
Salary per Year

Average Podcast listener in North America.

35 M+
Monthly Listeners

Average monthly listeners in North America alone.

$ 400 M+
Advertising Spend

Projected to be over $1 Billion ad spend in 2021.

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The year 2020 has been the equivalent of stepping on lego…barefoot. And when we wrote our first “Podcast Events You Should Attend in 2020 – Part I” post back in January, we had no idea of all the twists and turns the year would take six months down the line. And while this time has
Earlier this month, we shared a post featuring our top 7 reasons why starting a podcast is a great idea for your small business. (If you missed the post, or just want a refresher, you can check it out here.) But starting a business from the ground up is no easy task. Firstly, you’ve got
It’s no secret that the long term success of any podcast is greatly dependent on the quality and creativity of your content. Great content, more than the quality of your sound, your niche knowledge, and even the variety of your guests, is what will ultimately keep your listeners waiting with bated breath for each new
Being a dad is a tall order. The job description of a father is vast and varied, from the responsibility of being the family’s protector and provider, the need to be strong yet sensitive, the pressure to succeed in their place of work as well as wanting to be at home for all the special
As with so many things in life, that which comes across as effortless is often the result of a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work and a whole lot of practice and effort. Podcasts are certainly no exception! Some of the greatest podcasts may sound like a laid back, effortless conversation, but that is usually just
This strange and uncertain time of lockdown has seen our lives change in unprecedented ways. But this time has also seen the emergence of new ways to spend our time when it comes to entertainment. Whether it’s binging the unbelievable docu-series, Tiger King, signing up for TikTok, or taking part in Zoom quizzes, we’ve all

So Money Podcast

"I am so grateful to work with We Edit Podcasts. They’ve edited almost 1,000 episodes of So Money, since launching in 2015. Listeners always ask how my show has such great sound quality - given that I record from home with a basic microphone. My secret - this brilliant editing team!"

Farnoosh Torabi, host of the So Money Podcast


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