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I’m excited to say welcome to the company that will help you put your podcast on autopilot! It took a little bit longer than I planned to iron out all the details, but We Edit Podcasts is finally live and ready for you.

I started We Edit Podcasts when I realized I had a massive problem with time when it came to producing my own show. I couldn’t even imagine how much of a mountain this was to climb for people less technically skilled than I was, so I solved my own problem. I started We Edit Podcasts because I needed my own goto service for quality podcast production and transcription services. After giving it a test run and having different people try it out, I decided that I would set up the service to help other individuals and companies with the same problem I had.

My goal was to come in at a super low cost-effective price and offer a quality professional grade package that out performs other service providers by a mile. No more having to pay super high fees whilst waiting around for days to get your episode produced and transcribed. We have streamlined our processes to deliver quality results in little time at the best prices available.

I’m happy to say that our team is the fastest solution available online for producing and transcribing your podcast, all within 48 hours.

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Now the title of this article references to making a podcaster’s life easier, how would we go about doing that exactly? Well let me show you some scenarios I can think off right off the bat and how we fixed them.

1. No more self-editing episodes

One of the most important things we lose on a daily basis is time. Why not stop yourself from losing anymore and get back to focusing on things in your business that generates revenue. Leave the production process to us, we love it and will save you at least 4-8 hours per month…What’s your hourly rate again?

2. No more paying $1.25 per minute for transcriptions

This is currently the average going rate for quality transcription services, that’s if I balance it out between the $1 and $1.50+ offers. If you were to be doing 45 minute average episodes at 4 episodes per month, this will set you back: $225 per month. This is only for transcribing your episodes, not producing. Let us take care of your transcription needs for you at much better rates.

3. No more waiting around 5-7 days for episodes

If you are using a Virtual Assistant to take care of your podcast or outsourced your production, you are most likely waiting at least 4-5 business days to see the podcast episode resurface…Some services offer a 7 business day minimum return. If that is the way you’ve worked your schedule up until now, I commend your for planning efficiently. To me however, I don’t see that being feasible, time is something we have very little of…We promise to get your episode back to you within 48 Hours!

4. No more excessive spending on production costs

Your outsourced podcast production probably sets you back at least $600 – $2500 per month for 4 episodes. Its money that could be spent on marketing your business or taking your wife out for a nice dinner. We have created a cost-effective service that starts at $399 per month for 5 episodes professionally produced.

5. No more worrying about deadlines

We are focused on saving you time and money and therefore speedy, quality, and reliable is words we live by. We promise to have your episode produced and transcribed within 48 hours or your next month is free!

6. No more dealing with more than one provider

Something I’ve noticed a lot is that podcasters publish their shows and have a (Transcription is coming soon) label at the bottom of their articles. It looks unprofessional, so why not stop working with different providers and switch to one that does it all for you! We take care of your post-recording stages of your podcast, starting from $399 per month.

Example of your Current Scenario

If you have a podcast that runs 4 episodes per month, 45 minutes per show, outsource your production and use a transcription service to take care of your transcription, you’re most likely spending the following on your podcast per month:

  • Podcast Production: 4 x $120 per episode = $480
  • Transcription: 4 x 45 Minutes x $1.25 per minute = $225
  • Waiting time for episode production: 4 days minimum per episode = 16 Days total
  • Total per month: $705

It’s pretty crazy to think that this is probably the minimum you’re spending on getting your show produced. I know there are a lot of you that spend a whole lot more than this. This doesn’t have to keep going this way though, we have created the ultimate service perfectly suited for you.

If you were to signup for the We Edit Podcasts Basic Plan you will get:

  • 5 Podcasts episodes edited per month
  • Maximum RAW editing up to 1 hour per episode
  • Adding Intro’s, Outro’s and Sponsored Messages
  • Noise Reduction and Audio Cleaning
  • Volume matching for even sounding playback
  • Full Podcast Transcription up to 98% Accuracy
  • Full ID3 Tagging and Artwork Upload

All of this above for only: $399 per month! That saves you $306 per month at least. If you were to go with our 12 episodes per month package, that savings would be closer to: $1416 per month saved.

Don’t believe me? Try the service out for yourself. We have a team standing by ready to take on your podcast and give you the fastest service available.

If you have any questions, contact us or head over to our signup page and talk to one of the representatives who will answer any of the questions you might have. We are looking forward to serving you!

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Jacques van Heerden

Jacques van Heerden

Jacques is an entrepreneur that loves adventure, travel, and anything that gets his adrenaline pumping. He founded the An1ken Group in 2007 on the premise that anyone can be successful.

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